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There are many psychosocial and physical issues that burns survivors and their families encounter when engaging with the community.

After being in a safe, secure and supportive environment of the hospital, it may be difficult for a burns survivor to adjust back to the surrounds of the home environment. At home, a burns survivor encounters most of their emotional difficulties and needs support of family and friends.

Burnslife is here for you.

Some burns survivors feel the need to isolate themselves from society. Research has shown this can be more harmful in the long term. Here at burnslife we are implementing programs to help burns survivors like....

  • Weekly social                  

  • Yearly Burns forum               (September 2023)

  • Peer support program           (Soar Porgram)

Contact us on Facebook or via email if you or your family is in need of support or just a chat. You are not alone.

The prospect of a full day outing can be daunting so short outings might be more manageable to start with. the goal should be gradually building up until the burns survivor feels comfortable returning to regular level of community engagement.

Some common concerns encountered are:

  • Being asked too many questions

  • People staring

  • People feeling uncomfortable around you.

This is from a lack of understanding from the general public. Most people are just curious.​

In our Burnslife Resource Booklet there are strategies and coping mechanisms outlined to help you cope. Please download the PDF by clicking on the link on this page.


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