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Hints and Tips PDF

Helpful Hints

What can carers do in hospital?

Always check with staff first;

  • Help at meal times whilst encouraging your relative or friend to increase their own independence with these tasks as much as possible

  • Be there as a support person during dressing changes and to learn what to do when your loved one leaves hospital.

  • You can restrict visitors to minimize infection. However, having visitors may be beneficial for the patient as these visits can help break up their day, keep them in contact with the outside world and promote thinking about 'normal' activities other than being in hospital. It can also give carers a break.

  • Company in hospital is very important so that patients have someone to talk to other than staff, if possible. Many people find it to be a lonely and socially isolating time whilst in hospital.

  • Audio books can be especially helpful for patients who would benefit from some distraction.

  • Nursing staff will advise and show you when you can help with applying skin moisturiser.

For more information please download the Hints and Tips PDF

Theses tips have been provided by previous burns patients and their family that you may find useful during your stay in hospital and whilst preparing for discharge.

Your arrival to the 4C Burns Unit, Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital.

The staff provides a helpful resource called the Patient Orientation Booklet which outlines important information about the Burns Team, ward routines, visiting hours and preparing for discharge from hospital. If you did not receive this booklet when you arrived in the ward, you are encouraged to ask staff for one.

Visiting Hours - 10am to 8pm - please first check first with the treating nurse or ward staff at the front desk.

Hand Hygiene - For infection control reasons, it is very important that all visitors wash their hands before entering the burns unit, as well as before and after touching the patient, and then again when leaving the burns unit.

Visitors who are unwell with a cold or any other infection should not visit until they are well. Please note no flowers or stuffed toys are permitted in the 4C Burns Unit.

Contact Number - You can call the hospital switchboard on 07 3646 8111 and asked to be connected through to the 4C Burns Unit

Visitor Parking - You may be eligible for a discount for your parking. please ask the Ward receptionist or Burns Unit Social worker for information.

Television - You can ask the Ward Receptionist about connection to the TV service. Some private health insurance companies provide a rebate towards these costs.

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