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Burnslife SOAR® (Survivors Offering Assistance in Recovery®) is a hospital-based, one-on-one peer support program developed by "Phoenix Society" in the USA, for Burn Survivors in conjunction with a national committee of experts, that connects people with burn injuries to survivors and family members who have “been there.” 

The healing journey of a burns survivor can have its unique challenges. Burnslife understands how the healing paths of the Burns survivor and their family can be vastly different. A Burns survivor often hopes to return to their profession, which could be where the burn injury occurred. While family members may struggle with the fear of loss. The physical recovery is challenging, and psychological recovery can be overwhelming.

Matching new Burns survivors with people who have already been down the road of recovery can be greatly beneficial to the new survivor. Just being able to talk to someone who understands can alleviate the feelings of isolation and loneliness.

If you are a new burns survivor and you want to be involved in the program, please fill out your contact information and we will be in contact.

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