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Burnslife is a project created to assist burns patients and their loved ones in their recovery from the psychological, physical and social trauma of burns injuries.


Burnslife was formed in 2015 by a group of burns patients alongside staff from RBWH Foundation. The founding group was a dynamic team of individuals from all walks of life. We collectively impart experience from public, corporate, medical, defense, trade and creative industries and are committed to making a difference.


Our mission is to provide holistic assistance to burns patients, their families, and those close to them, throughout the recovery process. We are committed to facilitating a positive transition from hospital to home for patients and helping them to adjust to life after a burn injury.

We aim to achieve this through working in collaboration with health professionals, corporate partners, community groups and all levels of government, together with other organisations in burn care fields.

We Work to.

  • Provide information and resources to burns patients, their carers, and families in order to assist and support them through recovery and rehabilitation.

  • Provide and facilitate programs specific to burns patients to support them in their experiences in hospital, at home and transitioning back to work or study.

  • Share insight and knowledge from social and peer to peer perspectives and answer questions unique to burns patients and their situation.

  • Provide a safety network of patients and professionals with which burns patients can engage whenever they need help.

Most importantly we are here to make your life easier.

We want patients to know "You are not alone"

David Andersen - Chairman of Burnslife

90% Burns survivor. 5 years post burn

At Burnslife we are here to educate you through your burns recovery

If you are, or have a family member in the burns ward, you need to know that things will get better. On average it takes approximately 2 years to achieve a stable recovery. Remember all patients are different and all burns injuries are different.

Regardless of what you hear, look up on google or read, remember your doctor, OT and physio are the people that know what is best for you. Please download the Burnslife Resource Booklet for more in depth information about burns injury recovery.

Go to the Helpful Hints page for some great information to aid your for recovery.

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